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The Social Commitment of Universities

7, 8 and 9 october 2009

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The I International Congress of Health Promoting Universities was held in 2003 in Santiago de Chile, organised jointly by the Pontifical Catholic University (Chile) and the University of Alberta (Canada). Apart from being the first step of a subsequent series of international meetings, this was the event that announced the strategy for Universities to be able to contribute to promoting healthy lifestyles.

Two years later, these same universities organised a second Congress in Canada, where the Charter of Edmonton was drafted. This charter includes the declaration of the principles and goals of Health Promoting Universities and it has become a guide to put these projects into motion.

The III International Congress took place in 2007, in Ciudad Juarez (Mexico), organised by the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez, which represented a space for meeting and work, giving rise to the creation of the Iberamerican Network of Health Promoting Universities.

Now the Public University of Navarra takes over the baton in this university health promotion commitment and is going to organise the IV International Congress of Health Promoting Universities that will be held in Pamplona in October 2009.


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